The interactive movie-watching jacket: Because great acting and brilliant writing just aren’t enough

March 26, 2009 at 12:24 am Leave a comment

The propeller heads at Philips have come up with something called the “haptics jacket,” which, when worn, is designed to “provide full emotional immersion in a film.” Now, it won’t allow the wearer to “feel” punches and the like. Oh no, it’s much more subtle than that. According to Paul Lemmens, senior scientist at Philips:

“The jacket’s purpose is to make viewers feel anxiety and other emotions through signals such as sending a shiver up the viewer’s spine, creating tension in the limbs, and creating a pulse on the chest to simulate a rapid heartbeat.”

Think how much money this technology could ultimately save the studios. No need to hire Philip Seymour Hoffman or Daniel Day-Lewis for $10 million a picture. Just slide a pizza under the door of the IT department, and you’ll have emotion coming out of your sleeves. See the full story here.

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“No sex, no gasoline. Just give me some technology and leave me alone.” The television re-stakes its claim as the most important electronic device in the home.

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