An uncomfortable similarity between new work for Jag Jeans and old work for Taco Bell

March 31, 2009 at 12:34 am Leave a comment

Jag Jeans has just lunched a site based on a very cool idea. In fact, I thought the idea was cool when we used it at Draft FCB used it more than a year ago for Taco Bell as the basis for a site called Direct Daniella. (Shout-outs to Brad Meyers, Andrew Lincoln, Jason Mitton, Kurt Suchomel and Scott Davis for their work on it.) In each case, the concept is that the user can “be” a professional photographer and take high-quality pictures with his mouse and keyboard at a “real” photo shoot. 

Now I hesitate to accuse anyone of blatantly swiping an idea. I understand that it is entirely possible for two people in different places to come up with the same “original” thought. That being said, Direct Daniella was pretty widely reported on when it came out in both the national and international press as well as the national and international blogosphere. I can’t prove anything. I’m just saying.

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