Correction to “Current TV’s Twitter RFP: Winners, Losers and Rubberneckers”

May 4, 2009 at 12:35 am Leave a comment

Current TV has informed me that I was mistaken about their intention to limit their short list to 5. The email I received reads as follows:

“The original number of agencies we had planned on receiving the RFP was 10. 5 that we had determined before TwitteRFP, and 5 from Twitter. TwitteRFP was meant to fill the remaining 5 slots, rather then fill those slots the traditional way.”

I regret the error. Nevertheless, the number of agencies that advanced–17–is still a good deal higher than the 10 that were originally promised.  In fact, 17 is a high enough number that, were economic times not so tough, I believe some agencies would have opted out of the next round. Even so, I wish Current TV nothing but the best in their search for a marketing partner.

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Current TV’s Twitter RFP: Winners, Losers and Rubberneckers Media Madness: What 20-year-old, his hour finally come round at last, slouches towards New York Times headquarters to be born?

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