Geospatial Science: You only need to know about it if the products you advertise are used somewhere on earth

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The good folks at Penn State University they’ve embarked on something called the Geospatial Revolution Project, which is basically about exploring what becomes possible when geography goes digital. Not only does geospatial science have enormous ramifications for defense, intelligence, human rights monitoring and the observation of climate change, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what it will do in commerce and marketing. The Obama campaign, for example, used geospatial mapping to take precision targeting to levels never before seen in political advertising. 

But set advertising aside for the moment. There’s going to be a big future for those who can develop useful branded applications based on geospatial science. If your product can be purchased, used or connected to in certain places, there’s a very good chance that an app designed to improve consumers’ experiences is heading your way.  Take a look at  the Geospatial Revolution Project site (and well done introductory video) here to get an idea of what the future may hold.

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