No wonder New Yorkers are so cranky. They have less freedom than anyone in America.

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William Ruger and Jason Sorens at the Mercatus Center at Georgia State University have just released the latest Index of Freedom, which rates the American states on the degree of freedom enjoyed by their citizens. The study takes into account personal, economic and social freedoms.

According to the study, which you can download in its entirety here, New Hampshire, Colorado and South Dakota bestow the most freedom on their citizens, New York the least (by far). There’s a lot of detail about the specific components that are measured to produce the rankings, and it’s well worth a look.

If you’re an advertising professional, this study and others like it should be regarded as more than curiosities. They’re the kind of things the industry will be relying on more and more as it attempts to fine-tune the messages it delivers on a geographic basis. It’s no longer enough to go with seat-of-the-pants assumptions or media-reinforced mythologies when figuring out how to talk to specific customers. Missourians are more free than Californians. And the propeller-heads down at Georgia State can tell you exactly why.

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